THOU Judge of quick and dead,
   Before Whose bar severe,
With holy joy, or guilty dread,
    We all shall soon appear:
    Our cautioned souls prepare
    For that tremendous Day,
And fill us now with watchful care,
    And stir us up to pray.
2      To pray, and wait the hour,
    That awful hour unknown,
When robed in majesty and power,
    Thou shalt from Heaven come down;
    The immortal Son of Man,
    To judge the human race,
With all Thy Fatherís dazzling train,
    With all Thy glorious grace.
3      O may we thus be found
    Obedient to His Word,
Attentive to the trumpetís sound,
    And looking for our Lord!
    O may we thus ensure
    A lot among the blest;
And watch a season to secure
    An everlasting rest.
Charles Wesley, 1707-88