3167 7 7. 5
COME to our poor nature’s night
   With Thy blessèd inward light,
Holy Ghost the Infinite,
        Comforter divine.
2  We are sinful—cleanse us, Lord;
Sick and faint—Thy strength afford;
Lost—until by Thee restored,
        Comforter divine.
3  Guide, subdue our wayward will,
Like the dew Thy peace distil;
Things of Christ unfolding still,
        Comforter divine.
4  With us, for us, intercede,
And with voiceless groanings plead
Our unutterable need,
        Comforter divine.
5  In us ‘Abba, Father!’ cry,
Earnest of the bliss on high,
Seal of immortality,
        Comforter divine.
6  Search for us the depths of God;
Upwards by the heavenly road
Bear us to Thy high abode,
        Comforter divine.
George Rawson, 1807-89