3606 6. 6 6. D
COME to the Saviour now!
   His mercy calleth thee;
In true repentance bow,
    Before Him bend the knee.
He waiteth to bestow
    Salvation, peace and love,
True joy on earth below,
    A home in Heaven above.
2  Come to the Saviour: view
    The Lamb of Calvary;
For in His merits you
    Have an unfailing plea.
No vain excuses frame,
    For feelings do not stay;
None who to Jesus came
    Were ever sent away.
3  Come to the Saviour, all,
    Whate’er your guilt may be;
Hear now His loving call—
    ‘Cast all your care on Me.’
Come, and for every grief,
    In Jesus you will find
A sure and safe relief,
    A Friend and Saviour kind.
4  Come to the Saviour now,
    All who have wandered far;
Come make your solemn vow,
    For His by right you are.
Come like poor wandering sheep
    Returning to His fold;
His power will safely keep,
    His love will ne’er grow cold.
John Murch Wigner, 1844-1911‡