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Hymns by Horatius Bonar (1808-89)
Come, Lord, and tarry not (SM)
Fill Thou my life, O Lord my God (CM)
Go, labour on, spend, and be spent (LM)
Here, O my Lord, I see Thee face to face (10 10. 10 10)
I hear the words of love (SM)
I heard the voice of Jesus say (DCM)
I was a wandering sheep (DSM)
Light of the world, for ever, ever shining (11 6. 11 6)
Lord, I confess to Thee (6 4. 6 4. 6 6 4)
Not what these hands have done (SM)
O everlasting Light (SM)
O Love of God, how strong and true! (LM)
The Son of God, in mighty love (LM)
Thy way, not mine, O Lord (6 6. 6 6)