1 (2)Psalm 1 Version 2CM
I ONCE despised and scorned the name
   Of my Creator God,
Believing every boastful claim
    Of those who spurn His Word.
2  I walked in bondage to the ways
    Of this lost world below,
And spent my strength and passing days
    In selfishness and show.
3  Now in His Word my soul has found
    All knowledge, truth and light;
Diffusing all my wondering mind
    With unsurpassed delight.
4  Secure in Christ, He keeps me by
    A living stream of grace,
And turns the sorest trial or sigh
    To fruitfulness and peace.
5  Without His pardoning love would I
    No place in Heaven find,
But be condemned, at death, to fly
    As chaff before the wind.
6  I’ll trust His never-failing love
    Who knows and keeps His own;
He guards my way to realms above
    And watches from His throne.
Evangelical Psalter

© The Wakeman Trust