106Psalm 106SM
    GOD of eternal love,
   How fickle are our ways!
And yet how oft did Israel prove
    The constancy of grace!
2      They saw great wonders wrought,
    And then God’s praises sang;
But soon those works of power forgot,
    And cried with murmuring tongue.
3      How they believe His Word
    While rocks with rivers flow!
But soon their lusts provoke the Lord
    To frown, and bring them low.
4      Yet when they mourn their faults,
    He listens to their prayer,
And moved with all a Father’s thoughts,
    Extends again His care.
5      So let us bless the Lord,
    For all His faithful ways
To those who keep His holy Word
    And give Him all their praise.
Isaac Watts, 1674-1748