107 (1)Psalm 107 Version 17 7. 7 7
O GIVE thanks unto the Lord,
   Praise His name with one accord;
Tell the wonders of His power,
Praise His goodness every hour.
2  Let His ransomed church begin,
Whom He has redeemed from sin,
Gathered from the east and west,
North and south, to enter rest.
3  Through the wilderness they stray,
In a solitary way;
Hungry, thirsty, tried and faint;
God attends to their complaint.
4  Led by Him from day to day,
Though by a mysterious way,
To His city shall they come,
To their final rest, and home.
5  O that we would praise the Lord,
And His goodness now record;
All His wondrous works rehearse,
Who redeems us from the curse.
Joseph Irons, 1785-1852