108Psalm 108SM
    MY heart is fixed, O God,
   A grateful song I raise,
Awake, my heart, in joyful strains,
    Awake, my soul, to praise.
2      Among the nations, Lord,
    To Thee my song shall rise;
Thy Truth is high above the heavens,
    Thy mercies reach the skies.
3      Stretch forth Thy mighty hand
    In answer to our prayer,
And let Thine own belovèd ones
    Thy great salvation share.
4      The holy God has said,
    ‘All lands shall own My sway;
My people shall My glory tell,
    The heathen shall obey.’
5      O who will lead our cause,
    To triumph o’er the foe,
If Thou wilt not stay near us, Lord,
    Nor with our armies go?
6      The help of man is vain,
    Be Thou our helper, Lord;
Through Thee we shall do valiantly,
    If Thou Thine aid afford.
The Psalter, 1912