109Psalm 109LM
STRANGER and pilgrim here below,
   I turn for refuge, Lord, to Thee,
Aware of every want and woe,
    Relieve my trials, and rescue me.
2  Now, Lord, in love and kindness speak,
    Sustain and cheer my sinking soul;
Low as I am, and poor, and weak,
    One word of Thine can make me whole.
3  Help, Lord! may all my foes perceive,
    I have a heavenly strength and stay;
With Thee to bless me and relieve,
    I can endure the hardest way.
4  Now make my soul with joy arise,
    Thy sheltering wings around me cast;
Cause all that now afflicts or tries,
    To work my good, O Lord, at last.
Henry Francis Lyte, 1793-1847‡