11Psalm 117 7. 7 7. 7 7
IN the Lord I’ve put my trust;
   Why, my soul, to mountains flee? . . .
Hills of safety from unrest,
    Far from scorn and enmity;
Hiding-places quiet and broad,
From the battles of the Lord.
2  O assist me here to stand,
    Daily fervent to proclaim
To the lost around me here
    All the wonders of Thy name,
Telling of Thy love to me,
Shrinking not from loyalty.
3  Though foundations be destroyed,
    Men no longer care or know
Of divine and holy things,
    Seeking all their good below;
Yet Thy power, O Lord, can still
Stir the hearer at Thy will.
4  Therefore from Thy temple, Lord,
    Look upon our strivings here.
Try our hearts and make us now
    More devoted and sincere;
Make us know we’re in Thy sight,
And supported by Thy might.
Evangelical Psalter

© The Wakeman Trust