110Psalm 1108 7. 8 7. 8 7
FATHER, Son and Holy Spirit
   Joined, the coming Son to ordain,
By divine decree anointed,
    Jesus came on earth to reign;
Our Creator! Prince and Saviour!
    Born His people to regain.
2  Thus He came, a Priest for ever,
    Only name ’twixt God and man;
By His death our bands to sever,
    Bearing all our sin and pain;
Our Redeemer! Lord and Saviour!
    Died our pardon to obtain.
3  Glorious Author of salvation,
    Seated at the Father’s side;
Every age and land and nation
    Shall Thy ransomed host provide;
Our Deliverer! Healer, Saviour!
    Make Thy Word in conquest ride.
4  When the day of grace is over,
    Jesus, Thou as Judge shalt stand;
All who spurn Thee shall discover
    Final judgement is at hand.
Then, as Victor, blessed for ever,
    Take us to Thy promised land!
Evangelical Psalter

© The Wakeman Trust