112Psalm 112LM
HOW blest are they who fear the Lord,
   Love His commands and trust His Word;
Riches divine their days attend,
And blessings to their seed descend.
2  Love and compassion fill their mind,
To gracious deeds are they inclined,
Willing and kind in works of aid,
And seeking not to be repaid.
3  When trials and troubles rage around,
Unmoved, do they maintain their ground,
Armed in their hearts against all fears,
For God—with all His power—is theirs!
4  Faith which is fixed upon the Lord,
Draws strength and courage from His Word,
And in the darkness light shall rise,
To cheer the heart and guide the eyes.
5  They shall dispense their means abroad
To spread the Gospel of their Lord;
So righteous fruits shall with them stand,
For ever in their heavenly land.
Based on Isaac Watts, 1674-1748