116 (1)Psalm 116 Version 1CM
I LOVE the Lord Who heard my cry
   And granted my request;
In Him Who hears and answers prayer
    My trust through life shall rest.
2  With deadly sorrows compassed round,
    My heart was full of grief;
Then to the Lord I made my prayer,
    That He would send relief.
3  The Lord is just and merciful,
    And gracious to the meek;
He saved me when I cried to Him,
    Though I was poor and weak.
4  Return unto your rest, my soul,
    No longer troubled be.
The Lord’s sustaining love has dealt
    Most graciously with me.
5  Before my Saviour I will live;
    From death He saved my soul,
My eyes from tears, my feet from falls,
    And He has made me whole.
6  In my affliction this I found,
    That human help deceived;
But ever faithful was the Lord
    In Whom my soul believed.
The Psalter, 1912