119 (13)Psalm 119 Part 13
(verses 113-120)
7 7. 7 7
VAIN and futile are the thoughts
   Of this present, passing world,
But the depths of glorious Truth
    Are within God’s Word unfurled.
2  Here the Saviour’s finished work
    Is to thirsting souls revealed:
Calvary’s atoning love—
    Only hiding-place and shield.
3  Hold me, Lord, that I may give
    All my hours and days to Thee,
Unensnared by godless minds,
    Kept from subtle errors free.
4  High and holy, Lord, art Thou!
    Thus my heart is prone to fear
When I contemplate the dawn
    When as Judge Thou shalt appear.
5  O, forgive and cleanse away
    All my falsehood, all my sin;
Thou my hiding-place divine—
    Happy is the soul within!
Evangelical Psalter

© The Wakeman Trust