119 (14)Psalm 119 Part 14
(verses 113-126)
DECEIT and falsehood we abhor,
   But, Lord, we love Thy holy law;
Thou art the glorious God of grace,
Our only shield and hiding-place!
2  From evildoers we’ll keep apart,
And yield to Thee a loyal heart;
If any should pervert Thy Word
We will not greet them ‘in the Lord’.
3  In keeping mercy show Thy power
To hold us up in this dark hour;
And when our spiritual foes oppress,
Then, Lord, look down, protect and bless.
4  Draw near, O God, in this our day,
Expose the false, the evil way;
O, vindicate Thy Truth sublime,
Surely, this is an urgent time!
Evangelical Psalter

© The Wakeman Trust