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Psalm 121 Version 2
UPWARD I lift mine eyes,
   From God is all my aid;
The God Who built the skies
    And earth and nature made:
        He is my tower,
            To which I fly,
            Whose grace is nigh
        In every hour.
2  My feet shall never slide
    Or fall to Satan’s snares,
While God my guard and guide
    Defends me from my fears:
        Those watchful eyes
            That never sleep
            His children keep
        When dangers rise.
3  No trial of night or day—
    Temptation dark or fair—
Shall steal my soul away
    If God be with me there;
        Lord of all power—
            I lean on Thee
            To strengthen me
        Through every hour.
4  For Thou hast given Thy Word,
    To guide my soul right through;
And I can trust my Lord
    To save and keep me too;
        Whate’er betide,
            Thy sovereign will
            Shall draw me still
        To Jesus’ side.
Isaac Watts, 1674-1748‡