125Psalm 125SM
    WHO in the Lord confide,
   And feel His sprinkled blood,
In storms and hurricanes abide
    Firm as the mount of God.
2      Steadfast and fixed and sure,
    His Zion cannot move;
His faithful people stand secure,
    In Jesus’ guardian love.
3      As round Jerusalem
    The hills defensive rise,
So God protects and covers them
    From all their enemies.
4      On every side He stands,
    And for His Zion cares;
And safe in His almighty hands
    Their souls for ever bears.
5      But let them still abide
    In Thee, all gracious Lord,
Let every one be sanctified,
    And perfectly restored.
6      All those of heart sincere
    Continue to defend;
And do them good, and save them here,
    And love them to the end.
Charles Wesley, 1707-88