131 (1)Psalm 131 Version 17 7. 7 7. 7 7
QUIET, Lord, my froward heart;
   Make me teachable and mild,
Upright, simple, free from art;
    Make me as a weanèd child,
From distrust and envy free,
Pleased with all that pleases Thee.
2  What Thou shalt today provide
    Let me as a child receive;
What tomorrow may betide
    Calmly to Thy wisdom leave:
’Tis enough that Thou wilt care;
Why should I the burden bear?
3  As a little child relies
    On a care beyond his own,
Knows he’s neither strong nor wise,
    Fears to stir a step alone,
Let me thus with Thee abide,
As my Father, Guard, and Guide.
4  Thus preserved from Satan’s wiles,
    Safe from dangers, free from fears,
May I live upon Thy smiles,
    Till the promised hour appears,
When the sons of God shall prove
All their Father’s boundless love.
John Newton, 1725-1807