133 (3)Psalm 133 Version 36 6. 6 6. 8 8
    WHEN all are sweetly joined,
   True followers of the Lamb,
    All one in heart and mind,
        Who think and speak the same:
When such in love together dwell
The comfort is unspeakable.
2      Where fellowship takes place,
        The joys of Heaven we prove;
    This is that Gospel grace,
        The unction from above:
The Spirit on believers shed,
Descending down from Christ our Head.
3      Jesus, our great High Priest,
        For us the gift received,
    For us, and all the rest
        Who have in Him believed:
Forth from our Head the blessing goes
And over true disciples flows.
4      E’en now our Lord doth pour
        This bounty from above,
    A kindly, gracious shower
        Of heart-reviving love;
The former and the latter rain,
The love of God and love of man!
Charles Wesley, 1707-88