135Psalm 135LM
PRAISE ye the Lord, exalt His name,
   Sing of the attributes divine:
Holiness, wisdom, power, and love—
    Unchanging God—all these are Thine.
2  Praise ye the Lord, for He is good;
    To praise His name is sweet employ,
He from of old His Church has loved,
    And makes her still His special joy.
3  The Lord Himself still leads His saints,
    And treats His servants as His friends;
Hears all their cries and knows their trials,
    And, in His time, deliverance sends.
4  O praise the Lord! from this blest house
    For such a wealth of life and light;
Dwellers within His royal courts
    Sing of His kindness, grace and might.
Evangelical Psalter

© The Wakeman Trust