139 (4)Psalm 139 Version 4
(from v 14)
WHEN I in awe and wonder stand
   My being to survey,
I marvel, Lord, and own Thy hand,
    That formed my human clay.
2  Thy hand my heart and soul possessed
    When unborn nature grew;
Thy wisdom all my features traced,
    And all my members drew.
3  My life in awe and wonder stands
    The product of Thy skill;
And hourly blessings from Thy hands
    Thy thoughts of love reveal.
4  Lord, when I count Thy mercies o’er,
    I’m humbled in surprise;
Not all the sands that spread the shore
    To equal numbers rise.
5  These, on my heart, by night I keep,
    How kind, how dear to me!
O may the hour of my last sleep
    Find all my thoughts with Thee.
Isaac Watts, 1674-1748