143Psalm 1437 6. 7 6. D
WHEN Satan my accuser
   Has so oppressed my heart,
That all my joys are smitten
    And sacred hopes depart;
And when I dwell in darkness,
    As those whose souls are dead,
And sorrows overwhelming
    Invade and rule my head . . .
2  Then in my desolation
    I muse on days gone by:
Review God’s gracious blessings,
    His power from on high,
His hand of lovingkindness
    That saved a wretch like me,
And brought me out of bondage
    The path of life to see.
3  Reflecting on the goodness
    And mercies of the Lord,
Then tracing all the wonders
    Discovered in His Word;
And thinking of the trials
    Once brought to Him in prayer,
And all His answering kindness,
    I feel, once more, His care!
4  How can I doubt my Saviour?
    I stretch my hands again,
And thirst for further tokens
    Of my eternal gain;
O Lord, I’ll trust Thy promise,
    Thy faithfulness and love;
Come, lead me ever onward
    To Thy dear land above.
Evangelical Psalter

© The Wakeman Trust