144Psalm 1448 8 6. 8 8 6
BLEST be the Lord, our strength, our tower,
   Our Saviour full of saving power,
    And source of wondrous love;
A shield and hiding-place for all
Who, needing life and pardon, call
    For blessing from above.
2  Lord, what is man to gain Thine eye?
That Thou dost follow from on high
    His moments and his ways?
To Thee our lives are but a breath,
A shadow fleeting fast to death,
    Of brief and sinful days.
3  O bow the heavens and descend;
In mercy save us and defend
    Against eternal foes;
From Satan’s strong and subtle lies,
And hell’s alluring, sinful ties—
    An endless tide of woes!
4  May needy sinners turn to Thee,
A rising generation see
    The saving love of God.
Our garners fill with wheat divine,
And blessedness upon us shine,
    Our ever-living God.
Evangelical Psalter

© The Wakeman Trust