147 (1)Psalm 147 Version 1LM
O PRAISE the Lord, ’tis good to raise
   The grateful heart to God in praise;
When fallen, raised; when lost, restored;
O, it is good to praise the Lord!
2  Great is His power, divine His skill,
His love diviner, greater still;
The sinner’s Friend, the mourner’s stay,
He sends no seeking soul away.
3  The lions roar to Him for bread,
The ravens by His hand are fed;
And shall His chosen flock despair?
Shall they mistrust their Shepherd’s care?
4  His Church is precious in His sight;
He makes her glory His delight,
His treasures on her head are poured;
O Zion’s children, praise the Lord.
5  Such wonders of His love and grace
Are given to His chosen race;
To those He loves He shows His Word;
O, it is good to praise the Lord!
Henry Francis Lyte, 1793-1847‡