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Psalm 149 Version 2
PREPARE a new song,
   Your maker to praise
Amidst the great throng,
    His honours to raise,
O Zion, with praises
    Your Saviour adore,
Exulting in Jesus,
    Your King evermore!
2  Surrounding His throne
    With sacred delight,
Let Jesus alone
    Your praises invite:
Your voices combining
    Touch every sweet string,
In harmony joining,
    The Saviour to sing!
3  Ye saints of the Lord,
    As round Him you stand,
His two-edgèd sword,
    His Word, in your hand,
To sound His high praises
    Your voices employ!
To victory He raises,
    And crowns you with joy.
4  In vengeance He comes;
    The nations draw near;
His throne He resumes;
    His judgements appear:
There kings fall before Him,
    No princes rebel,
And sinners before Him
    Sink trembling to hell.
5  Then, raised from the dust,
    His Church shall proclaim,
Thy judgements are just,
    And faithful Thy name;
This honour for ever
    His saints shall attend;
Let praise to the Saviour
    In triumph ascend!
William Goode, 1762-1816