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    GOD is in His temple,
   The almighty Father,
Round His footstool let us gather:
    Him with adoration
    Serve, the Lord most holy,
Who has mercy on the lowly;
        Let us raise
        Hymns of praise
    For His great salvation:
    God is in His temple!
2      Christ comes to His temple:
    We, His Word receiving,
Are made happy in believing.
    Lo! from sin delivered,
    He has turned our sadness,
Our deep gloom, to light and gladness!
        Let us raise
        Hymns of praise,
    For our bonds are severed:
    Christ comes to His temple!
3      Come and claim Thy temple,
    Gracious Holy Spirit!
In our hearts Thy home inherit:
    Make in us Thy dwelling,
    Thy high work fulfilling,
Into ours Thy will instilling,
        Till we raise
        Hymns of praise
    Beyond mortal telling,
    In the eternal temple.
William Tidd Matson, 1833-99