16Psalm 16LM
PRESERVE me, Lord, in time of need;
   In Thee alone is all my trust;
No merits of my own I plead,
    Only the righteousness of Christ.
2  Oft have my heart and tongue confessed
    How empty and how poor I am;
My praise can never make Thee blessed,
    Nor add new glories to Thy name.
3  But from the saints on earth I reap
    Pleasures exceeding all below;
Such is the company I keep,
    These are the choicest friends I know.
4  Though once I chose the sons of earth,
    Pleasures of flesh and sense were mine,
Now I love those of heavenly birth,
    Whose thoughts and language are divine.
5  My Lord remains before mine eyes;
    At my right hand He stands prepared
To keep my soul from all surprise,
    My sure and everlasting Guard.
Isaac Watts, 1674-1748