168Isaiah 6:1-38 7. 8 7. D
BRIGHT the vision that delighted
   Once the sight of Judah’s seer;
Sweet the countless tongues united
    To entrance the prophet’s ear:
    ‘Lord, Thy glory fills the Heaven;
        Earth is with its fulness stored;
    Unto Thee be glory given,
        Holy, holy, holy Lord!’
2  Round the Lord in glory seated
    Cherubim and seraphim
Filled His temple, and repeated
    Each to each the alternate hymn:
3  Heaven is still with glory ringing,
    Saints take up the angels’ cry,
‘Holy, holy, holy,’ singing,
    ‘Lord of hosts, Thou Lord most high’:
4  With His seraph-train before Him,
    With His ransomed church below,
Thus unite we to adore Him,
    Bid we now our praises flow:
Richard Mant, 1776-1848