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   Look down from above!
Assist us to sing
    Thy mercy and love:
So sweetly o’erflowing,
    So plenteous the store,
Thou still art bestowing,
    And giving us more.
2  Our Father and Lord,
    Almighty art Thou;
Preserved by Thy Word,
    We worship Thee now;
The bountiful giver
    Of all we enjoy,
Our tongues to Thine honour,
    And lives we employ.
3  But O! above all,
    Thy kindness we praise,
From sin and from hell
    It saves the lost race;
Thy Son Thou hast given
    The world to redeem,
And bring us to Heaven
    Whose trust is in Him.
4  Of such boundless love
    We sing and rejoice,
With angels above
    We lift up our voice:
Thy love each believer
    Shall gladly adore,
For ever and ever,
    When time is no more.
Charles Wesley, 1707-88