1808 7. 8 7. 4 7
O WHAT matchless condescension
   The eternal God displays,
Claiming our supreme attention
    To His boundless works and ways;
        His own glory
    He reveals in Gospel days.
2  In the Person of the Saviour
    All His majesty is seen;
Love and justice shine for ever;
    And without a veil between,
        We approach Him,
    And rejoice in His dear name.
3  Would we view His highest glory:
    Here it shines in Jesus’ face;
Sing and tell the pleasing story,
    O ye sinners saved by grace;
        And with pleasure,
    Bid the guilty Him embrace.
4  In His highest work, redemption,
    See His brightest glory blaze;
Nor can angels ever mention
    One that more of God displays.
        Grace and justice
    Here unite to endless days.
5  O what high and solemn pleasure,
    God to view in Christ the Lord;
Here He smiles, and smiles for ever;
    May my soul His name record,
        Praise and bless Him,
    And His wonders spread abroad.
William Gadsby, 1773-1844