1848 7. 8 7. 8 8 7
ALL praise to God Who reigns above,
    The God of all creation,
The God of wonders, power and love,
    The God of our salvation:
With healing balm my soul He fills,
The God Who every sorrow stills—
    To God all praise and glory!
2  What God’s almighty power has made
    His gracious mercy keepeth;
By morning glow or evening shade
    His watchful eye ne’er sleepeth;
Within the kingdom of His might,
His wisdom governs all things right—
    To God all praise and glory!
3  I cried to Him in time of need,
    Lord God, O hear my calling!
For death He gave me life indeed
    And kept my feet from falling.
For this my thanks shall endless be,
O thank Him, praise our God with me—
    To God all praise and glory!
4  The Lord forsaketh not His flock,
    His chosen generation;
He is our refuge and our rock,
    Our peace and our salvation.
As with a mother’s tender hand,
He leads His own, His chosen band—
    To God all praise and glory!
5  Then come before His presence now
    And banish fear and sadness;
To your Redeemer pay your vow
    And sing with joy and gladness:
Though great distress my soul befell,
The Lord, my God, did all things well—
    To God all praise and glory!
Johann Jakob Schutz, 1640-90,
tr Frances Elizabeth Cox, 1812-97