19 (1)Psalm 19 Version 1LM
THE heavens declare Thy glory, Lord;
   In every star Thy wisdom shines;
But when our eyes behold Thy Word,
    We read Thy name in fairer lines.
2  Sun, moon, and stars convey Thy praise
    Round the whole earth, and never stand;
So when Thy Truth began its race,
    It touched and glanced on every land.
3  Nor shall Thy spreading Gospel rest,
    Till through the world Thy Truth has run;
Till Christ has all the nations blest
    That see the light, or feel the sun.
4  Great Sun of Righteousness, arise,
    Bless the dark world with heavenly light;
Thy Gospel makes the simple wise;
    Thy laws are pure, Thy judgements right.
5  Thy noblest wonders here we view,
    In souls renewed and sins forgiven:
Lord, cleanse my sins, my soul renew,
    And make Thy Word my guide to Heaven.
Isaac Watts, 1674-1748