19 (2)Psalm 19 Version 2
(vv 8-14)
8 8. 8 8
GOD’S precepts are righteous and just,
   Rejoicing the heart and the mind;
And all His commandments are pure,
    Enlight’ning the eyes of the blind.
2  The fear of the Lord is most clean,
    For ever unmoved has it stood;
His judgements are perfect and true,
    In all things most righteous and good.
3  Such treasure no gold can supply,
    Such sweetness no honey afford;
And they who its warnings obey,
    Shall find an abundant reward.
4  O who can his errors discern?
    From hidden faults, Lord, keep me free;
Let pride never reign in my heart,
    And clear of great sin I shall be.
5  I pray that my words and my thoughts
    May all with Thy precepts accord,
And ever be pleasing to Thee,
    My Rock, my Redeemer, my Lord.
The Psalter, 1912