1996 6 4. 6 6 6. 4
GLORY to God on high!
   Let earth to Heaven reply,
        Praising His name:
Angels His love adore,
Who all our sorrows bore;
And saints cry evermore,
        ‘Worthy the Lamb!’
2  All they around the throne
Cheerfully join in one,
        Praising His name:
We, who have felt His blood
Sealing our peace with God,
Spread His dear fame abroad;
        ‘Worthy the Lamb!’
3  Join, all the ransomed race,
Our Lord and God to bless:
        Praising His name:
In Him we will rejoice,
Making a cheerful noise,
Singing with heart and voice,
        ‘Worthy the Lamb!’
4  Though we must change our place,
Yet shall we never cease
        Praising His name;
To Him our love we’ll bring,
Hail Him our glorious King,
And without ceasing sing,
        ‘Worthy the Lamb!’
5  Then let the hosts above,
In realms of endless love,
        Praise His dear name;
To Him ascribed shall be
Honour and majesty,
Through all eternity,
        ‘Worthy the Lamb!’
James Allen, 1734-1804