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Psalm 2 Version 1
THOUGH sinners boldly join
   Against the Lord to rise,
Against His Christ combine
    Th’Anointed to despise;
        Though earth disdain,
            And hell engage,
            Vain is their rage,
        Their counsel vain.
2  Jesus the Saviour reigns!
    On Zion is His throne;
The Lord’s decree sustains
    His own begotten Son.
        Up from the grave
            He bids Him rise
            And mount the skies
        With power to save.
3  O serve the Lord with fear
    And reverence His command;
With sacred joy draw near,
    With solemn trembling stand;
        Kneel at His throne,
            Your homage bear,
            His power declare,
        And own the Son.
William Goode, 1762-1816