211Philippians 2:5-117 7. 7 7. 7 7
NOW in praise let us arise,
   Sing the Saviour’s sacrifice;
All the names that love could find,
Jesus in Himself has joined;
All the forms that love could take,
Our lost souls His own to make.
2  Equal He with God Most High,
Mild, He laid His glory by;
He, the eternal God, was born,
Object of His creatures’ scorn;
Man with men He came to appear,
Pleased a servant’s form to wear.
3  Hail! Thou everlasting Lord,
Hail! divine, incarnate Word;
Thee let all our powers confess,
With angelic choirs to bless;
Thee our every breath proclaim,
Our beloved Emmanuel’s name!
4  Thus He left His throne above,
Moved by everlasting love;
Whom the heavens could not contain,
Lord of Glory, Son of Man,
Came on earth for us to appear,
By His own rejected here.
5  Hail our dear Redeemer-King!
All Thy wondrous love we sing;
Never shall Thy triumphs end,
Jesus, Lord, the sinner’s Friend!
Hail derided majesty!
Friend of sinners—and of me!
Charles Wesley, 1707-88