22 (3)Psalm 22 Version 3
(vv 23-31)
7 6. 7 6. D
COME, ye that fear the Saviour,
   Your voices gladly raise;
Come, stand in awe before Him,
    And sing His glorious praise.
Ye lowly and afflicted
    Who on His Word rely,
Your hearts shall live for ever,
    The Lord will satisfy!
2  All kindreds of the nations
    To Christ the Lord shall turn,
Through earth’s remotest regions
    Salvation’s lamp shall burn;
Dominion, power, and glory
    Belong to Him alone;
And He shall call the peoples
    To bow before His throne.
3  Both high and low shall worship;
    The strong, the weak shall bend;
A faithful church shall serve Him
    Till generations end.
His praise shall be recounted
    To people yet to be;
The glories of the Gospel
    Shall childre’s children see.
The Psalter, 1912‡