ERE the blue heavens were stretched abroad,
   From everlasting was the Word:
With God He was; the Word was God,
    And must as God be here adored.
2  By His own power were all things made;
    By Him supported all things stand;
He is the whole creation’s Head,
    And angels fly at His command.
3  Ere sin was born, or Satan fell,
    He led the host of morning stars;
His generation who can tell,
    Or count the number of His years?
4  But see, He leaves His home above,
    A body takes on earth below,
That He may show His glorious love,
    And save us from our guilt and woe.
5  Mortals with joy beheld His face,
    The eternal Father’s only Son;
How full of Truth! how full of grace!
    When through His eyes the Godhead shone!
6  Archangels leave their high abode
    To learn new mysteries here, and tell
The love of our descending God,
    The glories of Emmanuel.
Isaac Watts, 1674-1748