23 (3)Psalm 23 Version 310 4. 10 4. 10 10
MY Shepherd is the Lord Who knows my needs,
   And I am blest;
By quiet streams, in pastures green, He leads
        And makes me rest.
My soul He saved, and for His own name’s sake,
He guides my feet the paths of right to take.
2  Though in death’s vale and shadow be my way
        I fear no ill,
For Thou art near, Thy rod and staff my stay
        And comfort still.
My table Thou dost spread before my foes,
My head Thou dost anoint, my cup o’erflows.
3  Goodness and mercy which have every day
        Upon me shone,
Shall surely follow me through all the way
        Till life is done;
And evermore Jehovah’s house shall be
My dwelling-place through all eternity.
The Psalter, 1912