23 (4)Psalm 23 Version 47 7. 7 7. 7 7
JESUS the good Shepherd is;
   Jesus died the sheep to save;
He is mine, and I am His;
    All I need in Him I have,
Life, and health, and rest, and food,
All the plenitude of God.
2  Jesus loves and guards His own;
    Me in verdant pastures feeds;
Makes me quietly lie down,
    By the streams of comfort leads:
Following Him where’er He goes,
Silent joy my heart o’erflows.
3  He in sickness makes me whole,
    Guides into the paths of peace;
He revives my fainting soul,
    Stablishes in righteousness;
Who for me agreed to die,
Loves me still—I know not why!
4  Love divine shall still embrace,
    Love shall keep me to the end;
Surely all my happy days
    I shall in Thy temple spend,
Till I to Thy house remove,
My eternal home above!
Charles Wesley, 1707-88