2417 7. 7 7
WHEN the Saviour dwelt below,
   In His heart compassion reigned;
Sympathy He loved to show,
    Nor the meanest case disdained.
2  Round Him thronged the blind, the lame,
    Deaf, and dumb, diseased, possessed;
None in vain for healing came,
    All the Saviour freely blessed.
3  He could make the leper whole;
    Thousands at a meal He fed;
Winds and waves could He control;
    By a word He raised the dead.
4  Lord, to me Thy blessing give;
    Hungering, sick, and faint, I come;
Let me in Thy presence live,
    Lead me to my heavenly home.
5  Be Thy love to me revealed,
    Be Thy grace by me possessed;
Touch me, and I shall be healed;
    Bless me, and I shall be blessed.
John Ryland, 1753-1825