2448 8. 8 8
HOW willing was Jesus to die,
   That we rebel sinners might live!
The life they could not take away,
    How ready was Jesus to give!
2  They pierced through His hands and His feet,
    His body He freely resigned;
The pains of His flesh were so great!
    But greater the pangs of His mind!
3  Such wrath as would kindle a hell
    Of never-abating despair
For millions of sinners—then fell
    On Jesus, and spent itself there.
4  ’Twas justice that fell in that hour
    On Jesus our Saviour’s dear head;
Divinity’s indwelling power
    Sustained Him till nature was dead.
5  No nearer we venture to gaze
    On sorrow so deep, so profound;
But tread with amazement, and praise
    And reverence such hallowed ground.
Joseph Swain, 1761-96‡