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OUR great Redeemer rose;
   The Saviour left the dead,
And o’er our ancient foes
    High raised His conquering head;
        In great dismay
            The guards around
            Fell to the ground,
        And sunk away.
2  Lo! the angelic bands
    In full assembly meet
To wait His high commands,
    And worship at His feet:
        Joyful they come,
            And wing their way
            From realms of day
        To Jesus’ tomb.
3  Let mortals sound His praise,
    Redeemed by Him from hell,
And songs of triumph raise
    In loud triumphant swell;
        Transported, cry,
            ‘Jesus, Who bled
            Has left the dead,
        No more to die.’
4  All hail, victorious Lord,
    Who saves us by Thy blood!
Wide be Thy name adored,
    Thou rising, reigning God!
        With Thee we rise,
            With Thee we reign,
            And empires gain
        Beyond the skies.
Philip Doddridge, 1702-51