2766 5. 6 5. D
HEAVENLY choirs are sounding,
   Angel voices sing,
Gates of pearl are opened,
    Gladly for the King;
Christ, the King of Glory,
    Jesus, King of Love,
Is gone up in triumph
    To His throne above.
2  He, Who came to save us,
    He, Who bled and died,
Now is crowned with glory
    At His Father’s side;
Never more to suffer,
    Never more to die,
Jesus, King of Glory,
    Has gone up on high!
3  Praying for His loved ones
    In that blessèd place;
Calling them to glory,
    Sending them His grace;
Glories there preparing,
    Faithful ones, for you;
Jesus ever liveth,
    Ever loveth too.
Frances Ridley Havergal, 1836-79