29 (1)Psalm 29 Version 1LM
GIVE to the Lord, ye sons of fame,
   Give to the Lord renown and power,
Ascribe due honours to His name,
    And His eternal might adore.
2  O the immense, the amazing height,
    The boundless grandeur of our God;
Who treads the world beneath His feet,
    And sways the nations with His rod.
3  The Lord proclaims His strength aloud,
    Upon the oceans and the land,
Speaking above the threatening cloud,
    And lightnings blaze at His command.
4  Where’er He turns His powerful voice,
    There shall the strongest cedars break,
Mountains shall tremble at the noise,
    And valleys roar, and deserts quake.
5  Sovereign above the mighty flood,
    The Saviour reigns forever King;
But makes His church His blest abode,
    Where we His glorious praises sing.
6  In gentler language, here, the Lord
    The counsels of His love imparts;
Amid the raging storm, His Word
    Speaks peace and blessing to our hearts.
Isaac Watts, 1674-1748‡