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LO! He cometh! countless trumpets
    Sound to raise the sleeping dead!
Many thousand saints and angels,
    See our great exalted Head!
    Come, O come! Thou Son of God.
2  Full of joyful expectation,
    Saints, behold the Judge appear;
Truth and justice go before Him,
    Now the joyful sentence hear!
    Come, O come! Thou Son of God.
3  ‘Come, ye blessèd of My Father,
    Enter into life and joy!
Banish all your fears and sorrows,
    Endless praise be your employ!’
    Come and meet us in the skies.
4  Then shall we arise to glory,
    Jesus leading as our King;
There, with all the hosts of Heaven,
    We eternal anthems sing:
    Boundless glory to the Lamb.
John Cennick, 1718-55,
Caleb Evans’ Collection, 1769