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LIFT your heads, ye friends of Jesus,
    Partners of His sufferings here;
Christ to all believers precious,
    Lord of lords shall soon appear:
        Mark the tokens
    Of His heavenly kingdom near!
2  Close behind the tribulation
    Of the last tremendous days,
See the flaming revelation!
    See the universal blaze!
        Earth and Heaven
    Melt before the Judge’s face!
3  Sun and moon are both confounded,
    Darkened into endless night,
When with angel hosts surrounded,
    In His Father’s glory bright,
        Our dear Saviour
    Shines in everlasting light.
4  Lo! He comes, our heart’s desire,
    To exalt His Church below;
Joins us to the heavenly choir,
    Comes to make our joys o’erflow,
        Crowns of victory
    And of glory to bestow.
Charles Wesley, 1707-88