3095 5. 5 11
    AWAY with our fears,
    Our troubles and tears:
    The Spirit is come,
The witness of Jesus returned to His home.
2      The pledge of our Lord
    To Heaven restored
    Is sent from the sky,
And tells us our Head is exalted on high.
3      Our Advocate there
    By His blood and His prayer
    The gift has obtained,
For us He has prayed, and the Comforter gained.
4      Our glorified Head
    His Spirit has shed,
    With His people to stay,
And never again will He take Him away.
5      Our heavenly Guide
    With us shall abide,
    His comforts impart,
And set up His kingdom of love in the heart.
6      Then let us rejoice
    In heart and in voice,
    Triumphant arise,
And walk with our God until called to the skies.
Charles Wesley, 1707-88