31 (2)Psalm 31 Version 28 7. 8 7. D
IN God alone we put our trust,
   O Saviour, leave us never;
Our Lord, our righteousness and rock,
    Defend and guide us ever.
Alert our minds to this world’s snares,
    Its vanities and lying,
And keep us, ransomed by Thy love,
    Upon Thy Truth relying.
2  Though once confined in earth’s dark cell,
    Blind slaves in Satan’s kingdom,
We’ve come into the largest place
    Of life and light and freedom;
And yet, for all these mercies, Lord,
    Our joy still turns to crying,
For troubles strike, and sin dismays,
    And triumph yields to sighing.
3  O raise us up and cleanse our sin,
    Restore our strength and gladness;
Remember us when we are wronged
    And slandered by the godless;
O grant us as Thy servants here
    Thy glorious help and measure
Of boldness, power and grace to speak;
    Of certainty and pleasure.
4  How great Thy goodness, gracious Lord,
    Laid up for them that fear Thee,
For those who represent Thy trust,
    Before a world ungodly;
O blessèd be Thy holy name,
    We love and we adore Thee;
We see Thy marvellous kindness here,
    The pledge of endless glory!
Evangelical Psalter

© The Wakeman Trust