O BREATH of God, breathe on us now,
   And move within us while we pray;
The spring of our new life art Thou,
    The very light of our new day.
2  How closely Thou art with us, Lord,
    Neither in height nor depth to seek;
In nearness shall Thy voice be heard;
    Spirit to spirit Thou dost speak.
3  Christ is our Advocate on high:
    Thou art our Advocate within;
O, plead the Truth, and make reply
    To every argument of sin.
4  But O, this faithless heart of mine!
    The way I know, I know my Guide:
Forgive me, O my Friend divine,
    That I so often turn aside.
5  Be with me when no other friend
    The mystery of my heart can share;
And be Thou known, when fears transcend,
    By Thy best name of Comforter.
Alfred Henry Vine, 1845-1917